ILPC Community Garden Update

Full Garden Update:

Over the last two weeks the bales have been conditioning. A high level nitrogen fertilizer has been placed on the bales every other day and they have been watered daily. This speeds up the conditioning process so that the bales decompose quickly. 

At this time, a healthy level of bacteria are flourishing and the bales are getting ready for planting. The internal temperature of the bales is staying about 10 degrees hotter than the soil temperature. This is ok for now, but I want to see a rise in the internal temperature upwards of 130 degrees. Once this happens, I will place a stabilizer 10-10-10 fertilizer on the bales and wait a few days. 

The bales will reach a level 80 degrees internally and then they will be ready to plant. When I am certain that we will not have any more freezing temperatures, I will give the OK to start planting. I am hoping to do this around April 18th because Hendersonville High School has their annual plant sale. 

At that time, I will be going with Angie and the Next kids to buy the plants and seeds to put in the garden. 

There are still many things to do. Garden days will become more frequent once the planting begins. Soil will be getting placed soon and I have bought huge plastic containers for potatoes. The tires out there will be painted by the Next kids and used to decorate the exterior. There will be flowers planted in the center. 

The fencing purchased is 7 ft deer fence and will be installed later this week once Chris burns the rubbish pile. The deer fence is actually a type of hard plastic netting that comes highly recommended in place of wire fencing and is very cost effective. 

More to come soon. 

Heathe Little