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A group of caring people who will walk alongside you through life's challenges. Find help and healing through the CARE ministry at Indian Lake Peninsula Church. For more details

Wednesday's 6:30-8p  Support Groups & Midweek Community are back in full swing for the semester.

Here is a brief overview of MIDWEEK COMMUNITY & SUPPORT GROUP offerings.



It's Greek to Me!

 Leader: Kyle Jones

Group: Co-ed Adults Time: 6:30pm

Location: ILPC Computer Room

This class will provide an opportunity to study Greekculture and language and relate it to the Bible. 


Grief Share

Leaders: Penny Godwin / Judy Sadler
Group: Co-Ed             Time: 6:30pm

Location: ILPC Room 301 / Next week Location: 242B (upstairs)

We need people to walk with during our time of loss of loved ones. You do not have to do it alone. Take a step toward healing.


Parents of Teenagers Support Group

Leader: Allyson Overstreet
Group: Women           Time: 6:30pm 

Location: ILPC Room 244 (upstairs)

This group is for moms who are raising teens, enough said!! 

Some weeks we're up and some weeks we're down- just like our teens!  This is a place to come and unload and reload. No teen is perfect and no parent is perfect.  This is a place to be encouraged to finish well in the raising of your children.  Join us!!


Parables of JESUS

Leader: Bill Overstreet

Group: Co-ed Adults   Time: 6:30pm 

Location: ILPC Room 114



Nursery (babies)

Leader: Cathy Dodd

Time: 6:30pm 

Location: Blue Room 


Nursery (toddlers) 

Leader: Saundra Eversole

Time: 6:30pm 

Location: Green Room 


Preschool Kids (ages 3-5) 

Leader: Sandy Willis

Time: 6:30pm 

Location: Pink Room 


Power Up (grades K-4) 

Leader: Nina & Dan Lapuste

Time: 6:30pm 

Location: Orange Room 


Route 56 (grades 5th & 6th) 

Leader: Angie DeCarlo & Rob Schuck

Time: 6:30pm 

Location: Upstairs in the new Route 56 Room 


ILPC Students (grades 7th - 12th) 

Leader: Josh Wooten

Time: 6:00pm 

Location: Upstairs in the Refinery




Caregivers Support Group

Leader: LeEllen Claud & Tracy Schenk

Group: Co-Ed              Time: 6:30pm 

Location: ILPC Common Grounds

Group will meet2nd & 4th Mondays of the month. 


1) To give support to those in similar circumstances as ourselves.  PLEASE KNOW that you are NOT alone - we understand.

2) To encourage you POSITIVELY - spiritually, emotionally & physically.

3) To lift each other up to God, with our individual needs, daily.

4) To help equip each person with move positive ways to relieve the stresses of caregiving.

5) To provide good referrals for services needed by the members of the class.




Women's Celebrate Recovery Step Study Group

Group: Women           Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm 

Location: ILPC Common Grounds

Begins August 17th.  Group is closed to new members after September 21st.


If you have any questions about the support groups or want more information, please don't hesitate to reach out:, or 615-824-0001


NEXT After School Program is a ministry of our church. Our purpose is to empower the NEXT generation through homework help and enrichment activities that build self-confidence and encourage creativity. We partner with parents to meet the needs of our students as well as our families academically, socially and spiritually. NEXT is provided for grades K - 8th. Monday through Friday, with pick up at 6:00pm. Transportation is provided for ILE, NBE, and Ellis Middle. 

Weekday Early Education (WEE) is a preschool program (traditionally called "Mother's Day Out") operating as a ministry of our church. We strive to provide parents and families with a quality preschool experience in a loving Christian environment. Offered two days a week: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, 9:00am-3:00pm.  We welcome children ages 6mos - Pre K. 

To learn more, contact director Angie DeCarlo at 615-822-5277, or reach out to, or

In need of a hospital visit? 

Contact our Care Pastor: Mike Mayo -

In need of assistance? 

We partner with the Hendersonville Samaritan Center to help out those in the community. If you live in Hendersonville and have already contacted the Samaritan Center for assistance, please fill out the form below and submit to the church by email or drop off, so our Crisis Committee can look over and consider. 
Our Crisis Committee is made up of very caring volunteers. To asses needs, and how we can provide in the most effective way, the turn around time is 3 - 4 days after the form is submitted.

Click here to view and download the Crisis Committee Application